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you're perfect, but you're ugly

Here is a photo of an organic Pink Brandywine tomato we harvested last night, fresh from the vegetable beds, 1 pound, 3 ounces of delectable imperfection.

Great chefs know that what's good isn't always pretty. Consider this Exhibit A.

No one would look at an heirloom tomato and think, let's get this tomato to Hollywood! They are, at best, homely. Bumpy. Ill-formed. Unruly. Imperfect. Fragile.

All of those things also make them near-celestial as a topping for a premium hamburger or as a tomato sandwich or the basis for the perfect caprese. They don't last long. Their journey from seed to table is a rough one, paved with attention and effort, sweat, tears, and occasionally blood (if you've ever been a farmer, you know how well stocked we keep the BandAids).

Local, organic food bears almost no resemblance to the things you buy at a big box supermarket. Sometimes it's imperfect. Since we don't use pesticides or chemicals, things go wrong. Caterpillars can take an unwanted interest. We don't use hybrid seeds. It can get ugly.

True connoisseurs know heirlooms are also imminently delicious.

Chefs are filling up our purchase list for the nearly one ton of organic heirloom tomatoes we are growing this season. We have three varieties--Pink Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, and Cherry. They will be available starting next week in 10 pound flats, picked that morning, hand delivered via social distancing. We think you'll like them, too.

We'll even bring them to a spot near you, by appointment. We'll wave at you from behind our masks. You won't have to dress up to see us.

The beauty of life is in improvisation. And the joy of being yourself. Wear your shorts and a ratty T shirt if you like.

You're perfect the way you are.

To get on the list for the tomatoes, available in ten pound flats, freshly harvested, delivered via no contact delivery, send us an email at or give us a call or text at 828 925 1502.

Have a great weekend.

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