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The Heart of Winter

Winter presents a challenge to those of us living the country life. Freezing cold. Howling wind. Animals that must be fed regardless of wind chill or rain or cold or dark of night.

We spent Christmas Day with two power outages and a bit of uncertainty if we would get our prime rib roast in the oven and onto the holiday table. But no matter. We had our family, tons of traditional party snacks, a good supply of holiday wine, and new CanadaGoose parkas that made the prospect of getting out into the freezing weather a bit more palatable at the very least.

We're planning some exciting things for 2023 here at Stargrove. Special events. Exotic teas. And finally the opportunity for you to come and visit us here at our small little corner of paradise just thirty minutes from Asheville and light years from the stress of urban life.

Wherever you are, we wish you peace. And eggnog, if you've got it.

Happy New Year.

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