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It's been a great week. One of the nicest things about owning an organic farm and growing organic food is that you meet a lot of interesting people who quickly become friends. You also realize that you have something of a choice in not only how you spend your time (I never thought I'd be a person, reformed social butterfly, who got up at 530 AM to check a tomato field, but there you have it) but you interact with on a daily basis.

This week I was fortunate enough to meet a number of people who are giving it their all, out in the real world--running businesses, using their creativity and passion to create a sense of community. They're far more than 'merchants.' They're putting their shoulder into making the places where they live places that are great for all people. They're chefs and restaurateurs and, yes, culinary magicians. They're heroes without the cape, feeding people, bringing dignity to people who really need a hand.

They're excellent. Anyone would be proud to call them friend. I certainly was honored to interact with each and every one of them.

Labor day is more than just a day for one last barbecue before you go off to (what's likely virtual) school. It's about equity. Fairness. Decent pay for honest work. And yes, community.

It's about having a buddy out in the dark, wild world. A friend who's got your back.

Happy Labor Day, y'all.

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