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We found our thrill. ON Blueberry hill.

Our blueberries are in season and literally flying off the shelves. And, really, is there anything nicer than some blueberries with breakfast? Pancakes. Muffins. Sweet rolls. Crepes. Or, our favorite, straight out of the package.

We name our places at Stargrove after people we love and adventures we have had. Hence we have Hans's Hill, named for our friend who gave us countless plants from his elaborate garden. Tucker's Creek, a small creek that Tucker, a handsome yellow lab puppy that belonged to a friend, used to cool off one hot July day as we were walking in the forest. And, of course, Blueberry Hill.

blueberries are the perfect summer treat

At the expense of sounding like Forrest Gump's friend, Bubba, there are countless ways to enjoy blueberries.

There's pie, of course. And pastries. And cobbler with blueberry and peaches. And ice cream. And Scones. And bagels. And, our favorite, straight out of the container with a dose of fresh, heavy cream.

Our blueberries are organic, local, and available for purchase in one gallon sizes with no-contact delivery to Black Mountain, Montreat, Old Fort, and environs. Visit us at for access to our free app with pricing info, ordering, and delivery information.

You'll be thrilled.

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