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Isn't the idea of non-local food a strange one? That a food item would travel extensively--across continents, across oceans, through warehouses, into grocery stores, to eventually your plate?

I think we inherently like permanence in everything, especially the good things, the things that matter. True love. Family traditions. Sourdough.

That's one reason I like sourdough, the permanence of it. I made my first starter in the late 90s, using the wild-caught method favored by La Brea Bakery in California. I eventually let that one go and am currently baking from one that I made about a year ago from organic Gala apples. It's so easy and fun. I bake about three times a week, mostly the traditional French boule or, on occasion, cinnamon rolls and other treats.

Everything takes time, wouldn't you agree? But your tomatoes or your bread or the cheese on your plate shouldn't have to pack a suitcase to find its way to the love that's around your table.

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