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Oh, 2020, what a wild ride you've been. Collective. Disheartening. Maddening. Engaging. Divisive. I could go on.

As always, we're thankful for our friends, both old and new. For the beautiful place that we call home. For the opportunity to do good work and, hopefully, make our little corner of the world better.

2021? No platitudes. No resolutions other than to keep on keeping on, keep on staying healthy and help our neighbors.

Special thanks to some of our partners: the American Farmland Trust, Tillamook, and the Food Animals Concerns Trust who have lent their support to our unwavering notion that all people are entitled to clean, local food produced in an ethical manner.

On New Year's Day we'll have our traditional southern meal of black eyed pea, collard greens, and cornbread. And we might have a bite of goat cheese and a glass of champagne.

Out with the old; in with the new.

Happy New Year.

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