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A LIME BY ANY Other name

Here in the southeastern United States, it's hot. Ridiculously hot. South Asian hot.

I know a lot about heat and how draining it is.

I've travelled a lot through South Asia, most specifically Pakistan. And there in the 100 degree heat, perhaps nothing is more refreshing than a glass of nimbu pani, limeade, made with fresh lime, simple syrup, ice and a little bit of salt. I first had this refreshing drink at the Karachi Golf Club where a waiter prepared it with generational aplomb.

One of my dearest friends once showed up for brunch not with a bundt cake or some orange juice but her Vitamix blender and the fixings for mojitos. A perfect friend!

I made some nimbu pani yesterday, with lemons because limes were not on hand. It's easy--squeeze two fresh lemons, make up a simple syrup, add a pinch of salt, cold water, crushed ice, done.

Today I'm going to buy limes. And when I do, I'm going to make mojitos.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Stay cool!

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