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A few weeks ago I posted a photo of one of our organic Arave Melons. These are the 'personal honeydews,' also known as Persian melons. They're delicious! They make a perfect fine dining presentation with prosciutto, a few figs, some walnuts, perhaps some goat cheese, a dry white wine.

They also, as you can see, are beloved by racoons, opossums, and bunnies. As an organic garden, we have a lot of guests.

We love guests. That's why we're hard at work developing English-style hedgerows as habitat for small mammals and birds.

It's important to share. And though it sometimes translates into nothing more than hard work, making the effort to create a sustainable, organic refuge that provides exceptional food and a five-star living environment for all creatures is definitely worth the effort.

Tonight I'll have a glass of madeira and watch the stars.

Bunny 1, Human 0.

Y'all have a great week!

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