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esse quam videri

Esse quam videri--to be rather than to seem-- is the motto of the State of North Carolina. I think it's also a good motto for what 2020 has meant to so many of us: a chance to actually live up to our highest morals and convictions, a chance to shut out all of the noise.

Its been a rough year. At the start of it, we started to put our thoughts about authentic food and authentic rural experiences into play. It hasn't been easy. We've had to adjust. Along the way we've made some great friends and business connections and we're committed to doing our best, to delivering what we say to our customers, and living up to what we say we believe every single moment.

In a time when the cereal boxes keep getting smaller and smaller and smaller, it's a nice sentiment. And for us, a work ethic. A promise. A resolution.

If you want to join our list of heirloom tomato customers for 2021, please send us an email at to further discuss.


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