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A sense of place

Our organic Cherokee Purple tomatoes, pictured above, are well under way. We grew 120 plants from local organic seed (shoutout to Sow True Seeds in Asheville, North Carolina, for the organic seeds we use) and it's thrilling to see them thriving in our no-till, organic raised beds.

Heirlooms are both a work of art and, well, just plain work. It's the kind of work that puts commercial growers to shame--here at Stargrove we get up early, inspect the plants, prune judiciously, water carefully, and watch over the crop with total attention. The end result, even at this stage, is a tomato that is superior in taste and quality to anything you can get at a store or a local farmers market. We call it hyperlocal. And we're committed!

We come by this honestly. Our family is one of the oldest families in the United States--arriving on the Mayflower and at Jamestown in Virginia, settling in what was then-known as Old Tryon county prior to the Revolutionary War. Our great-grandfather signed the Tryon Resolves and his farm still stands as a working farm in Polk County, North Carolina. Our great-uncle was the first mayor of Marion, North Carolina, just a stone's throw from Stargrove.

We're proud of our sense of home and sense of place. We want to do right by it in every way possible.

We got great news this week from the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project, (visit them at to learn more) who awarded us the Appalachian Grown certification for our crops and products from our farm.

We're honored

After all, we want you to enjoy our products with more than just a sense of buying local. More than just a sense of doing good. We want you, on first bite, to have a taste of home.

Want to get on our list for heirloom tomatoes, delivered via no-contact delivery to Black Mountain, Asheville, Montreat, Morganton and Lake James? Send us a note at to learn more.

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