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I spent the day trying to be festive. I wrote about 30 holiday cards, addressed them, affixed gold stamps onto the back, ordered some postage stamps, walked the giant dog.

I like to thing that traditions make us better people. They hold us together. And yet, what a hell of a year 2020 has been. It's been a real challenge to the glue.

In my own family there have been deaths. Injuries. Illness. Fear. A botched surgery. A sudden change of events. Some new beginnings. Some surprising ends.

I'm trying to hold it together through the artistic use of traditions--putting out my holiday decor, whipping up a batch of sugar cookies, stoking the fire, drinking some cocoa. I know you're doing the same.

Here's to keeping it together when the world is falling apart. We can do it.

A cup of Earl Grey and a handmade Christmas star definitely helps.


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