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Gourmet food in Old Fort?  

You've got to be kidding. 

Far from it. 

A few years ago, we devoted our time and energy to learning about organic food and doing our level best to not only enjoy the best products we could find, but share them with our neighbors both commercially (we grew lettuce that made local chefs cry for joy and organic squash that added nutrition and hope to the locals at the homeless shelter in Marion) and personally. 

These days, we're at it again, growing a select group of premium organic vegetables from organic seed  and managed with the latest technology to craft an experience that would make New York chefs happy and keeps you safe in the process. 

Want In? 

Want to know more about our offerings, our process, our locations, our way of life? Send us an email at and we'll put you on the list.  No pressure.  

Who's that goat? 

That's Bruno, one of our Oberhasli bucklings in his Hollywood mode.  He now enjoys the pastures with the Clemson Equestrian Team in South Carolina.  But he got his star turn at Stargrove!  

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